About Us

The running of the bulls de la pequeña roca is a fun run event benefiting Family Promise of Pulaski County and The Van..

Family Promise of Pulaski County

Family Promise of Pulaski County is a nonprofit dedicated to serving homeless families and their children. We provide them with shelter, transportation, case management, and job placement assistance. Most important of all, we teach families how to become independent in their own safe, affordable, sustainable housing and leave homelesness behind.

The Van

The One, Inc.’s mission is simply to locate and love our unsheltered homeless neighbors, wherever they may be. We primarily serve these needs by going to the people.  We visit current homeless camps, search for new camps, comb alleyways, check under bridges, and seek out people deep in the woods, etc. We take supplies such as food, water, clothing and hygiene products to people where they are.  The One, Inc. seeks to build relationships with members of the homeless community so that we may then identify barriers to obtaining income and housing, and help our friends move beyond their homelessness. We are dedicated to be relational, as opposed to programmatic.